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With the popularity and variations in electric vehicles, the need for a home recharging station is on the rise. Whether you already have an electric vehicle or plan on purchasing one, Balanced-Electric can help.  The type of vehicle you have or plan on purchasing, makes a difference when it comes to selecting a home recharging stations.

240 Volt outlets or wall chargers are standard for most electric vehicles to charge quickly. A Tesla Model S can utilize up to a 100 Amp circuit and can charge in under 5 hours. Some smaller capacity vehicles use 30 Amp circuit to charge and it only takes a few hours. A Tesla Model S charged by a standard house outlet could take up to 65 hours to charge. It's important to get the right charger for your vehicle. Since many homes aren't already setup to charge electric vehicles, Balanced Electric can help you determine what charger is right for you. 

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